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Gold Award for Business Excellence

The Gold Awards for Business Excellence recognise and encourage organisations whose leadership and innovations have progressed them beyond Management System Certification to leading examples of best practice.

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Past Events

On 19th April, 2011 Craig Belcher gave a great talk on Commercialising a Great Idea, at the COTAH Training Restaurant, South Brisbane. His presentation can be accessed at 2011.pdf

On 7th October, 2010, Sally Bagshaw spoke on Creating Web Content that Converts. The web can be a great marketing tool or it can be a waste of valuable time and money. Sally Bagshaw discussed:

Entrepreneur Division

TheProgressing Business Institute invites business owners and managers of enterprises who value independence, innovation and risk as well as the opportunity for profit, to join our Entrepreneurs Cluster.

The Division goal is to help members start, manage or grow successful business ventures, particularly those which aim to create new or innovative opportunities.

The Division encourages the development of an entrepreneurial culture, supported by a pool of resources and successful models to follow. We do this by bringing together a network of like minded business professionals, who are truly passionate about economic development and who enjoy promoting the formation and success of innovative, growth-oriented, and profitable companies.
The Division provides networking opportunities in an open and learning environment, where members are encouraged to develop important entrepreneurial skills such as performance measurement, customer trends, competitive surveys, opportunity analysis, performance efficiency, strategic plans, operational objectives and SMART goals, as well as quality, environmental, and risk management.

Our Division members are motivated, prepared, smart, and tenacious. Men and Women who 'dream the POSSIBLE dream' and contribute generously to our future together.

If your profile meets this broad description of an "Entrepreneur" then the Progressing Business Institute would like to hear from YOU.

Your Contacts
Lee Robinson
Mario Pennisi


The objectives of the Division are:

  1. To promote and contribute to the science, understanding and practice of entrepreneurship;
  2. To recognise and to advance the status of the natural persons engaged in entrepreneurial activities;
  3. To disseminate knowledge of the science and practice of entrepreneurship;
  4. To initiate, conduct, supervise, and assist in research and investigations into the science and practice of quality management, quality assurance and business excellence in entrepreneurial activities;
  5. To advise AOQ regarding the impact of relevant regulations on entrepreneurial activities and assist AOQ as required with representing these interests to the wider community;
  6. To assist AOQ in the fostering of mutually beneficial relationships with relevant quality assurance, quality management and entrepreneurial organisations

* Note: To become an Entrepreneur Division Member

Download a Membership Application form. If you or your company are a member of the Australian Organisation for Quality-Queensland Inc complete the personal details and the Entrepreneur Division section of the form and mail with your subscription to PO Box 15205, CITY EAST, QUEENSLAND 4002 OR email If you or your company are not a member of the Australian Organisation for Quality-Queensland Inc you need to join. You can do this by fully completing the Membership Application Form for theEntrepreneur Division and mail or fax with your subscription to PO Box 15205, CITY EAST, QUEENSLAND 4002 OR email

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