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Gold medal

Gold Award for Business Excellence

The Gold Awards for Business Excellence recognise and encourage organisations whose leadership and innovations have progressed them beyond Management System Certification to leading examples of best practice.

Gold Award 2016
Gold Award 2015
Gold Award 2011
Gold Award 2010
Gold Award 2009
Gold Award 2008
Gold Award 2007
Gold Award 2006
Gold Award 2005
Gold Award 2004
Gold Award Pre 2004

Lean Six Sigma Professionals

Lean Six Sigma is Science for Business

The Progressing Business Institute provides an opportunity for Certified Lean Six Sigma Professionals to join a National Web Register that will advertise your professionalism world wide and has been used by employment agencies/prospective employers to verify the professional status of applicants.

The Institute (through the Lean Six Sigma Division) offers Certification to appropriately qualified individuals. Certification is a pre-requisite to joining the Register.

Details of the Certification Process are available at:
Application Form at

Details of the Registration Process are available at
LSS Register

Green Belt

Master Black Belt (RPL6sMBB)

Aitken, Bobby
Cross FAOQ, Duncan
Hilton, Roger
Holtman, Peter
Kelly, David
McDonald, Peter D
Mahon FAOQ, Len
Martin, Peter
McWhirter, Phillip
Muratore, Lisa
Potamianakis, George
Richter, Ralph
Smith, David
Stewart, Sonja

Black Belt (RPL6sBB)

Chhotray, Sovesh
Pennisi FAOQ, Mario
Ritchie, Ian
Scott, David

Green Belt (RPL6sGB

Bowler, Philip
Rodriques, Nash
Shepherd, Neil

Yellow Belt (RPL6sYB)

Browning, Lyne
Christensen, Sarah
Connelly, Alan
Dahl, David
Doohan, Christopher
Foster, Paul
Holm, Henrik
Jolley, Tracey
Koch, Terina
Kuslap, Alan
Lewis, Eleanor
Lui, Mini
MacDonald, Donald
Martin, Jodi
McKavanagh, Peter
McKnight, Mark
Mee, Jeffrey
Murray, Melissa
Ong, Stephanie
Pigdon, Lori
Ralph, John
Senaratne, Sam
Simpson, Daniel
Starkey, Scott
Stitt, Peter
Stone, Michael
Watson, Samantha
Weatherby, Rachel

If you would like to contact one of these individuals, please email your query

Competencies for Assessment

In August, 2007and during the following months the Six Sigma Division (now Lean Six Sigma Division) championed the development and registration of Six Sigma Competencies with RAB-QSA. The links to the various competencies are:

Yellow Belt

Green Belt

Black Belt 68.pdf

Trainers and trainees are urged to request that the competencies above are addressed during the training provided and received.

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